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Whether you’re a recent graduate or experienced in your field, it’s not always easy finding your ideal new job. It doesn’t help when there’s a global pandemic but don’t let that stop you!

I know from my own experience that looking for a graduate job with everything that is going on is far from easy and can often leave you feeling inadequate, anxious, and hopeless.

Months of being rejected from jobs and often from ones that you are even overqualified for is beyond depressing but what’s the point in feeling sorry for yourself. Thousands of people are in the exact same position as you so you’re not alone.

Here’s some tips that could help you stay positive and improve your employability:

  1. Rejection is part of the process

Don’t expect to be asked for interviews or to even get responses from every job you apply to, the reality is rejection is inevitable. Failure leads to success but only if you learn from your failures. Ask for feedback, review your CV, always look to improve yourself.

  1. Networking is key

Social media sites such as LinkedIn are a great way to build professional connections online. Networking allows you to connect with people you’ve worked with in the past or new people that may be in the job that you desire. Don’t be afraid to message those people and get career advice, the worst they can say is no… Or block you, that’s pretty bad too.

LinkedIn also offers some free training courses that you can take online to develop your skills and knowledge in certain areas. It’s worth taking advantage of.

  1. Chill out

You need to recharge the batteries, or you’ll burn out. You might think the more jobs you apply for the better chance you have of getting one, but this is not always the case. Remember that quality beats quantity. Take your time filling in job applications, make sure you’ve done the best you possibly can when answering questions, this can make all the difference. Take breaks!

  1. Ask for help

For graduates your help could be in the form of recruitment agencies.

For all the experienced workers we’re here to help. We specialise in the Food & Food Ingredients, B2B Equipment & Packing, and Healthcare & Pharmaceutical sectors. We work with client companies and help them get the best out of the available positions that they need filled.

We do this by looking at our current network of highly skilled and motivated connections and fitting the right candidates with the right client company.

We are always looking to grow our network and build valuable and lasting relationships with our candidates. We want to get to know you and will do our very best to progress your career and recognise the perfect opportunities that suit you and our client businesses.

If you want to join our network or just have a chat you can reach us through our Website or our LinkedIn account.

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