• JSD Consulting is an industry leader and has a proven track record in providing bespoke services specific to your business needs.

    We provide a premium service, working in partnership with you to provide the perfect fit for your organisation.

    Drawing on our unique 15-stage process, we will seek out and find the right candidate for you.

  • We are industry leaders in Executive Search. Working with us enables you to devote your time, talents, and resources to your business.

    • Time
      JSD Consulting is not a high-volume, CV submission service. We would never ask you to review a large stack of unqualified CVs. Instead, our consultants take the time to match the right candidates to the job.
    • Talent
      We fill our own internal positions with the same attention to detail as we do yours. Put simply, we hire the very best people.
    • Resources
      In our years of executive search, we have faced and overcome nearly every imaginable obstacle to securing the best possible talent for our clients. JSD Consulting has the tools, technology, tenacity and technique to solve your staffing problems.

  • We will always present you with candidates who are – Qualified, Available, and Interested.

    • Qualified
      You want candidates who can hit the ground running. We will present you with candidates who are able to do the job based on their knowledge, skills and abilities. Qualified also means that a candidate fits the culture of the organisation; , and our process ensures that we find people with the soft skills to succeed in your unique environment.
    • Available
      The best CV in the world is useless if the candidate is not ready to interview, move to your location, and start work within your desired time frame.
    • Interested
      Our process relies on candidates understanding your opportunity, warts and all. We provide comprehensive briefing at the initial point of interest, and before ever interview. We encourage candidates to questions and challenge during the process so that they are fully engaged with the opportunity. This paves the way to offer and acceptance.


  • We specialise in recruiting high impact managers and leaders across the value chain in: Food and Food Ingredients; B2B Equipment and Packaging and Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

    We devote considerable resources to developing our understanding of your industry. We draw on our vast experience and effective processes to understand the unique challenges your company is facing.

  • Yes,
    JSD Consulting was established in 1997, and over the past twenty years we’ve met and overcome countless resourcing challenges on behalf of our clients, learning from each one!

  • Our extensive candidate due diligence process ensures you get the story behind the CV.

    Third party validation
    JSD Consulting completes a 360-degree check involving colleagues at all levels. We’ve learned that speaking with others is the only way to fully understand a candidate’s management style and identify any potential issues.

    The result for the client a more comprehensive candidate profile and a clearer understanding of developmental challenges before an offer is made.

  • JSD Consulting does not restrict itself geographically in any way, and we have a proven national and international track record. Our scope doesn’t stop at the UK and Ireland. We have placed talent in places as far away as the Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, China and France, and in all cases 100% of the process was managed out of our Wirral office.

Our Process

Drawing on our considerable experience and track record, we have developed a 15-stage recruitment process. This ensures a thorough and professional executive search which will ultimately result in securing the right candidate.

Our project team will develop a search plan and a marketing plan before the process begins. Only then do we start to identify, approach and present suitable clients, using screening interviews, along with reference and qualification checks. Following a shortlist review, interviews will commence, with transition support offered to the successful candidate. Follow up meetings will be held with our client at intervals, up to six months and beyond.

We're Selective

Our consultants provide the highest service levels to our clients, dedicating themselves to a small number of projects at a time. This approach allows us to immerse ourselves in every aspect of your business and resourcing challenges.

We Care

We believe our business is an extension of yours. We are ambassadors for your business, showcasing your culture, ambition and commitment to quality, people and processes. The candidate’s experience is always professional and developmental whatever the outcome.

We're Flexible

We understand that your hiring needs and priorities can change overnight. That's why we're flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives. We adapt our processes to fit your needs.


Food & Food Ingredients

Contributing almost £22bn to the economy, our clients within the food industry make up the largest manufacturing sector in the UK.

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B2B Equipment & Packing

Our clients develop solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges of their customers in the food industry.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Our clients provide outsourced services to the food, healthcare, beauty and pharmaceutical sector.

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