Why JSD?

JSD Consulting is an Executive Search business with a proven track of finding the right candidate and working in partnership with clients to help build stronger teams and businesses.

As professional headhunters we have developed clear processes to secure the best possible candidate who is not only suitably qualified but is also a great cultural fit for your organisation.

Looking for a new jobs

We search far and wide, not only working with those actively looking for a new challenge, but also seeking out passive candidates who may not have put their head above the parapet but are open to new opportunities. This can involve many hours of dedicated research and hundreds of phone calls, carried out by our highly experienced and professional executive search team. We may not immediately know the perfect candidate for you but we know where to find them.

We will work in partnership with you, providing a seamless extension to your team. Our service involves keeping you updated at every stage of the process until we find the person you are looking for.

  1. Rely on a process, not a promise
    Working with us, you will quickly learn that what makes us unique is our painstaking attention to detail and strict reliance on a rigorous executive search process.
  2. See the whole candidate
    You’ll find that we are keen to determine not only the technical aspects of the position, but also the cultural. Our aim is to find candidates who fit the role and the business.
  3. Benefit from our proven track record
    JSD Consulting has worked with every shape and size company, from industry leaders to small start-ups – collaborating with everyone from the most senior levels to those on the front lines.

We're Selective

Our consultants provide the highest service levels to our clients, dedicating themselves to a small number of projects at a time. This approach allows us to immerse ourselves in every aspect of your business and resourcing challenges.

We Care

We believe our business is an extension of yours. We are ambassadors for your business, showcasing your culture, ambition and commitment to quality, people and processes. The candidate’s experience is always professional and developmental whatever the outcome.

We're Flexible

We understand that your hiring needs and priorities can change overnight. That's why we're flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives. We adapt our processes to fit your needs.


Food & Food Ingredients

Contributing almost £22bn to the economy, our clients within the food industry make up the largest manufacturing sector in the UK.

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B2B Equipment & Packing

Our clients develop solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges of their customers in the food industry.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Our clients provide outsourced services to the food, healthcare, beauty and pharmaceutical sector.

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