It can be a real struggle to get your steps in while working from home. Many of us rely on the gym to get our exercise, but with them being closed we have to look elsewhere to get some physical activity.

Regular exercise has been shown to not only help us physically but also mentally. That is why we are trying to promote getting out and exercising while working from home. We are giving the ‘Steps Challenge’ a go. So how does it work?

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – BEIS has announced that it is seeking views on ways of reforming post-termination non-compete clauses in employment contracts.

Such clauses are used to restrict an individual’s ability to work for a competing business, or to establish a competing business for a specific period of time after they leave.

The current husband and I are fast approaching our 30th wedding anniversary. We usually mark Valentine’s Day with a meal out but of course we are all having to improvise at home with the help, in our case, of the ubiquitous Dine in for 2. The dishwasher is on the blink so it’s a win win! Instead of exchanging cards and gifts, this year we’ve decided to make a charitable donation and I asked my colleagues for recommendations for a local charity. Lockdown has been so difficult and referrals for support and counselling have increased by around 30%. Our family members have had the benefit of such support. We therefore decided to donate to Mersey Counselling (MCTC).

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Starting a recruitment apprenticeship alongside my role at JSD Consulting is an exciting prospect…

The power of exercise is widely believed to be both physical and psychological and my personal experience tells me this is true.

For many of us working from home is new and new things can take a while to get used to. We are used to working in the office and then going home, allowing us to leave work at work. But now that many of us find ourselves working where we live. How can we separate work from the rest of our life? I know from my own personal experience that it can be tough but there are a few small steps that you can follow that help to separate the two.

Working from home for many of us is becoming the new normal. For some that sounds like the dream, the short commute to your workspace, the extra time to eat your breakfast, swapping your smart wear for something more comfortable among many other things. Of course, working from your own home has its benefits, but be mindful of the distractions that aren't part of everyday office life.

JSD Consulting Limited wishes you good health, happiness and well-being for a kinder 2021.

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