Starting a recruitment apprenticeship alongside my role at JSD Consulting is an exciting prospect…

The power of exercise is widely believed to be both physical and psychological and my personal experience tells me this is true.

For many of us working from home is new and new things can take a while to get used to. We are used to working in the office and then going home, allowing us to leave work at work. But now that many of us find ourselves working where we live. How can we separate work from the rest of our life? I know from my own personal experience that it can be tough but there are a few small steps that you can follow that help to separate the two.

Working from home for many of us is becoming the new normal. For some that sounds like the dream, the short commute to your workspace, the extra time to eat your breakfast, swapping your smart wear for something more comfortable among many other things. Of course, working from your own home has its benefits, but be mindful of the distractions that aren't part of everyday office life.

JSD Consulting Limited wishes you good health, happiness and well-being for a kinder 2021.

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot since graduating and beginning my career in the professional world in 2017. Here is a list of the main things that I had to learn from experience in the recruitment industry...

We're now into the last week of fundraising for Movember and what a month it has been! JSD Consulting Limited have raised £1,115 for men's mental health and suicide prevention and we still have one final push left.

"What can a Headhunter do for me? I'm not even searching for a new job." This is something we hear every day; this blog post will attempt to answer that question.

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As professional headhunters’ we have developed a 15-stage process to secure your perfect candidate.

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We want to get to know you as an individual to ensure that we can progress your career by matching you with the perfect company.


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Contributing almost £22bn to the economy, our clients within the food industry make up the largest manufacturing sector in the UK.

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Our clients develop solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges of their customers in the food industry.

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Our clients provide outsourced services to the food, healthcare, beauty and pharmaceutical sector.

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Age-Inclusive Recruitment


As the youngest of 4 siblings, I continue to work in my 60s, as does my sister, a nurse who has resumed her career during the pandemic, and a brother who is approaching his 78th birthday this month! As a Fellow of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) and an exponent of mature working, I am pleased to share the CIPD’s latest news on age-inclusive recruitment... 

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