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There have been many things that I have missed since we were put into lockdown on the 5th of January. I have put together a short summary of what I am going to enjoy as the UK begins easing the lockdown.

  1. Golf

Luckily, golf is one of those sports that can be played socially distanced and therefore is one of the first sports to come back. There is nothing better in my opinion than spending some time with your friends, walking in the sunshine, and hitting a few balls (normally into the woods never to be seen again rather than onto the green, for me anyway). That is why on March 29th when the courses open, I will be heading straight to our local municipal course in Hoylake.

  1. Meeting friends at the beach

This is something that has been impossible since October. Me and the entire population of the UK cannot wait to see our friends again for a catch up in a non-exercise setting.

  1. Structure

As lockdown continues, I find myself struggling to maintain structure in my week. Spending your weekend in the same 4 walls as you have spent your working week can become tiring after a few months. Getting the balance back between work, hobbies and a social life will be very welcomed.

  1. Getting a haircut

For me, like many others, it is getting a little bit out of control in the hair department.  I am counting down the days until 12th of April (if everything goes to plan) when hairdressers open.

  1. Plans

The lack of having things to look forward to can become quite tough after a while. With festivals back this year, plus nationwide travel, it is going to be great booking trips with friends and enjoying the summer this year.

What things have you missed most about being in lockdown? How are you going to spend your time differently once the UK starts to open up again?

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