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What a month March was.  We were building towards a great first quarter and then on 20 March everything was postponed or cancelled and that was that for about a month. 

Business concerns were subsumed by our focus on our health and the health and wellbeing of others.  We stayed home and every Thursday stepped onto our pavements to join with our neighbours and clap for the NHS.

We thank them for their efforts, and we mourn with those who have lost someone dear to them.

New Platform for Growth

On 8 June, we came back to the office – well 2 of us did because we live in the same house… and we started the day in the new usual way - with a Teams catch up with our colleague Judith, who is working at home.  It’s been funny how the local area seems to be springing to life and how we are all concerned about smartening things up – we painted our fence and our planter and supported our local greengrocer by purchasing lots of new plants.  



Fight or Flight?

As a specialist recruitment partner to businesses that feed and heal the nation, we have witnessed an interesting transition from shock and firefighting to a dogged determination to deliver, plan and grow using positive human attributes like flexibility, confidence and creativity to facilitate new ways of getting things done. 

Now That We Care More

We are learning new ways of being a better recruitment partner every day and we are loving the votes of confidence we are getting from our clients and our candidates.

Over the lockdown period we increased our use of face to face calling when we chatted to people.  Somehow it seemed positive to have a more personal way of communicating.  We got to know people more – on a walk, in tee shirts, in the garden, with the dog barking or the shopping getting delivered.  The boundaries between work and home started to get blurred and we learned that it didn’t matter.  In fact, it made us more able to understand each other.

People were accountable, organised and diligent.  There was an increased awareness that we need to communicate and a sense that we were more focused when we did.

We are going to continue to work in new ways and to find the best people for our clients and to support and encourage them as their businesses evolve.  So far, the old adage “fortune favours the brave” seems to hold true and where they have been positive and decisive, they have seen the benefits.

Our Team is Keen

JSD has come out of lockdown with renewed vigour and a great sense of purpose.  May and June have been positive, busy months and now we are thinking about how we continue the momentum and growth.  We want you to be part of our conversation, to share your ideas and work with us to be better and do great things.


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