JSD Consulting

Executive Search Process

A 14 Stage Sequential Process with 45 Steps

The JSD Consultant will allocate appropriate resources to the project team based on the number of positions and timeframes assigned to JSD by the Client.

Stage 1    Project Team Kick-off Meeting - Client and JSD Project Team

  • Release positions to JSD
  • Agree job specifications, qualifications required, and compensation
  • Review timetable and responsibilities
  • Develop weekly reporting format for JSD to update Client on project status
  • Roll out plan to all Client managers involved in the decision making process
  • Block times for pre-set interview dates with hiring managers for First and Final interviews

Stage 2    Develop Search Plan

  • Create mutually agreed upon list of companies
  • Develop list of potential candidates from those companies
  • Perform database search to identify candidates already known to JSD

Stage 3    Develop Marketing Plan

  • Develop a marketing plan. Elements can include: JSD website, e-mail
    campaign, our network of recruiting firms, press advertising and job boards
  • Develop marketing presentation for use with potential candidates
  • Develop full, detailed briefing pack on the Client and the opportunity

Stage 4    Initiate Search Process

  • Recruit from target companies and from list of potential candidates
  • Network with all contacts for additional candidates
  • Continue search process until enough candidates have been found

Stage 5    Candidate Contact and Presentation

  • Profile candidates - background, skill sets, accomplishments, earnings
  • Qualify candidates - against specs provided by Client
  • Present opportunity - to qualified candidates
  • Obtain resumes - on qualified candidates who are interested in proceeding
  • Present qualified and interested candidates to a Senior JSD Consultant

Stage 6    Candidate Screening Interview

  • 15-30 minute telephone interview conducted with all qualified candidates
  • Candidates are thoroughly screened for capabilities and interest level
  • Candidates who come through this screening interview will be scheduled for in-depth telephone/face to face interview and psychometrics with a JSD Consultant

Stage 7     Shortlist Review

  • JSD will present shortlist candidates to Client for final selection for interview
  • Client will have candidate's profile, current earnings, along with Consultant's
    feedback from interviews

Stage 8   3rd party Validation Checks

  • At least 2 validation checks will be carried out by JSD prior to the first face to face interview

Stage 9    First Interviews with Client

  • Candidate will have briefing on Client and the opportunity (provided by JSD)
  • Client will be thoroughly briefed on candidate to facilitate more discussion

Stage 10   Interview Debriefing

  • Candidate will be contacted after the interview to determine results from his
    perspective, any remaining questions, and overall interest level in proceeding with final interview if selected
  • Hiring manager will be contacted after the interview to determine results from his
    perspective and obtain decision on whether or not to proceed with this candidate
  • Client will be provided with results of the candidate's feedback to assist in reaching conclusion
  • The Client provides JSD with feedback on each candidate, enabling JSD to properly manage the individuals and to provide high quality information for personal development
  • Finalists will be scheduled for final interview by JSD

Stage 11   Final Client Interview

  • Interviewing managers to be briefed by JSD Consulting
  • Candidate to be briefed by JSD Consulting

Stage 12   Final Debriefing

  • Candidate will be contacted after final interview to re-qualify interest level,
    prepare him/her for an offer, and reconfirm package
  • Client will be contacted after the final interview to obtain decision regarding offer
  • Candidates not selected will be notified by JSD

Stage 13   Offers

  • The JSD Consultant will extend an offer to the candidate of choice after obtaining
    a verbal agreement. A start date will then be established
  • Client will process written offer letter, with copies to JSD Consulting

Stage 14   Transition Support

  • Candidate will be prepped to resign by JSD consultant
  • Counter offer possibilities will be covered with the candidate
  • Contact with the candidate will continue as needed between offer and start date

Stage 15   Follow-up – JSD Project Team

  • JSD Consultant will contact Client and new employee in first week, at end of first
    month, after three months and then at six-month intervals

(Failure to perform one or more of these steps does not constitute breach of contract on our part)