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Onboard Coaching – Accelerated Performance Process™

What they do during the first three months in a new job will largely determine whether or not individuals succeed or fail.

The Onboarding phase is a period of opportunity, a chance to start afresh and to make needed changes in the organisation’s performance.

For individuals, this is a period of acute vulnerability. The stakes are high. Failure in a new assignment can spell the end of a promising career. Some new managers/leaders do publicly derail. For every leader who fails outright, there are many who survive, but fail to realise their full potential. This endangers the health of the organisation.

Our On–Board service is about accelerating performance in a new role. We believe that starting a new job can be treated as a process. The adoption of a process framework for accelerating the integration and performance into the new post can yield enormous returns for the organisation.

Our Accelerated Performance Process™ provides a blueprint for dramatically condensing the time it takes to get on top of the job.

The Starting Point of our Accelerated Performance Process is an analysis of the interaction of:

  • The situation
    Its opportunities and potential problems
  • The individual
    His/her strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Using this analysis we can work with the individual to guide him/her through a 10 point Roadmap, which includes:

  • How to accelerate learning
  • Matching strategy to situation
  • Securing early wins
  • Building a team
  • Keeping balance

Typically this service is delivered though one-to-one coaching. The aim is to produce a plan for the first 90 days in the new job and then follow through.

The Accelerated Performance Process™ is not just designed for managers and leaders entering a business for the first time. It is of great value for intra company moves where a manager is making a significant change, for example:

  • Moving from a functional role into a general management role
  • Changing functions
  • Moving from a staff position to a line role
  • Taking over a group which is performing poorly

If you would like to know more about this exciting service contact Jeff Duncan