JSD Consulting

Attributes of Success

Our clients employ us to find High Impact Performers; each of these top performers share the following attributes. How do you measure up? Do you have what it takes?

Goal Oriented - An innate desire to succeed. Sees obstacles as opportunities. Continually striving for improved performance.

High Level of Integrity
Honest, straightforward, and trustworthy. Can be counted upon under difficult circumstances. Actions don't imply other ulterior motives.

Strong Analytical Skills
Ability to probe and understand complex issues and understand the implications of cause and effect. Doesn't accept superficial information at face value. Not afraid to ask questions or go to the source of the problem or enquiry.

Outstanding Work Ethic/Self Motivated
Not afraid of hard work. Generally puts in long productive hours. Takes a proactive approach by seeking out areas where improvements or changes can be made. Persistent - doesn't give up.

High Level of Responsibility
Takes personal accountability for actions for him/herself and of group. Volunteers for additional assignments. Always meets deadlines, regardless of circumstances, without excuses.

Excellent Verbal Communication Skills
Evidenced by focused, succinct responses. Indicative of logical thinking and strong intellectual skills.

Self-Confident/High Self Esteem
Comfortable with own abilities and skills, and can express this confidence both in words and actions. Not afraid to take on difficult or new tasks. Feels good about him - or herself.

Strong Management Skills
Able to lead by example with the confidence of the group. Democratic, yet can balance needs of group with overall organisational goals. Good organisation and planning skills. Pushes subordinates to higher levels of involvement and responsibility.

Strong Interpersonal Skills - Balanced Ego
Characterised by a friendly, outgoing and warm personality. Can make others feel at ease. Ability to balance personal needs with those of the team and organisation. Recognises the importance of group over individual successes. Is not pompous or self-serving. Affable.

Good Decision Making Skills
Not afraid to make decisions with available information. Will be accountable for the results. Understands impact of decisions given pressures of time, utilisation of resources, and associated risks. Has the courage to make mistakes.

Positive Mental Attitude
A self-confident belief that most tasks are readily achievable with energy and forethought. A can-do, up attitude that inspires others.