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R.O.I = R.O.S
Return on Investment
in Human Capital
Recruitment + On-Board Coaching
+ Skills Training

Since 1997 JSD Consulting has helped organisations, working to attract and hire talented individuals in New Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales and Leadership positions.

Matching talent and opportunity is our core competency. As the economy ebbs and flows, it's not difficult simply to find candidates. However, finding high impact candidates is both an art and a science. It's something we do exceptionally well. JSD not only establishes itself as a premier recruitment firm, but as a partner in the growth of your business.

Exceptional individuals drive the performance of any organisation. As your partner, we uncover these high impact individuals and provide quality coaching and training to help you ensure a class leading performance from your most important asset - your people.

Our objective is to help our Clients solve critical staffing problems, confidentially and professionally, with the best talent available. We provide quality service to the companies and candidates we represent, and ensure that the matches we make are truly win-win situations for all involved. Recruitment Services

Here are four reasons why you should engage JSD Consulting as your staffing partner:

  1. Rely on a process, not a promise
    Working with JSD, you will quickly learn that what makes us unique is our painstaking attention to detail and strict reliance on a continuously updated Executive Search process.
  2. See the whole candidate
    You'll find that we ask about not only the technical aspects of the position, but also the cultural. We've learned that forty percent of the hiring decision is based on culture, and that's why we take the time to learn yours and evaluate how a candidate would work within it.
  3. Profit from our proven track record
    JSD Consulting has served virtually every shape and size company in existence, from industry leaders to small start-ups. We've worked at all levels of the organisational structure, from the most senior levels to those on the front lines. You'll benefit from the best practices we've garnered and our ability to tap into the largest headhunting business in the world.
  4. We go further
    Unlike our competitors our service does not stop at your front door - on the new employee's start date. We offer our On-Board Coaching - Accelerated Performance Process™. Recruiting a manager/leader represents a heavy investment in time, effort and money. When will you start to get a return on this investment? We firmly believe that starting a new job is a process that can be taught and, if followed, will greatly enhance the success of the individual and the company. We have developed a system that ensures that the breakeven point on your investment is reached quickly.

    In addition we also offer a range of In-House Management Skills Training Workshops, designed to build the soft skills of your managers. Skills covered include:

    • Teamwork - Building Better Teams
    • Change Management
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Project Management
    • Managing Employee Performance and Behavioural Interviewing Techniques